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Published on 18.03.2024


Welcome to the space of HERE and NOW, the story of the present moment. As I am writing this, I am following a thread of my own story weaving into a bigger tapestry – which, for now, in the eye of the reader, is the Healing Area of the Mumush World.
I wish to open this space of storytelling around the topic of HEALING, this concept which defines the name of this branch of activity that I represent and choose to co-create within this community and festival.
All of us have different perspectives about what healing actually means, and this series of sharing in the shape of a blog in the Mumush Zine serves a soulful read about the topics of healing, wholeness, consciousness, awareness, connection to ourCELLves, nature, and the divine. It gives you, dear reader, a little insight into what happens in the healing area of the festival and how this area of activity is influencing the growth of our community, where we, as human beings, are embracing our mumushes and the whole world within and around us.
The whole project is a space of exploration where we are inspiring each other to “not behave”, but rather choose consciously how we act, interact, and react to whatever seems to be arising in the given moment. Practicing this as a community is strengthening the matrix of change in an exponential way. By this, I mean that each little thing that we consciously choose makes a bigger difference in the evolution of our species and our world.
If I look at my daily choices and discover the opportunities where I can take a more harmonious path today, considering my own well-being and those of others at the same time, I am supporting global and universal harmony instead of waiting for the world to act in a way I think it should.
It all begins and ends with me. I cannot change the world, but I can work on myself, I can change myself, my circumstances, my job, my wardrobe, the people I hang out with, the books I read, the movies I watch, and the food I eat. I can change my perspective of looking at things and how I react to what is happening around me. This is all in my power and the only thing I can truly control are my choices.
What do YOU think? Stir up some conversations with yourself and your people about this… what is truly under your control?
After many occasions of deep diving into this topic of control, I realEYES that the more I observe how I seem to be behaving – the more conscious I get about myself and what is ACTuALLy happening.
Most of the time we seem to be very confused about this…
If we are not making an effort to see beyond our own reactions and the stories we tell ourCELLves, there is no way of seeing what is truly happening within and around us at this moment, because our fears, anxieties, and triggers pull us apart into the past and the future, which bring us to miss the point of life, which is being here and being in the present moment.
Lots of teachings are pointing in this direction. Be here now. But what does THAT actually mean?!
There are so many different methods of meditation, both active and passive practices that support our journey in the eternal now. This is the main thing we are exploring in the healing area all throughout the year and with the activities happening there during the festival.
Meditation, yoga, sound journeys, ceremonies, and conscious movement. This is a breath-by-breath process, the festival is but merely a showcase of what is happening in the community. It is quite funny to plan such an event, which is happening at some point next summer – but it also happened last summer :) and the summer before :) and guess what? It is happening NOW.
Here, as I am writing about it, I am sowing the seeds in this everlasting garden in my heart, which is open and accessible to any BODY interested in kindly sharing this space with me and all of us creating it.
We are living right now, in this moment – and gathering ourCELLves from the past and the future through the practice of our choice is a job I see as very relevant right now, in these unsettling times for some of us, to be fully conscious, awake and aware to make the best choices for the good of all NOW.
Bringing all our parts together, accepting and embracing both the Light and the Shadow makes us whole.
There is a space where we are whole already. And between these realisations I am having a journey of my own – and you have yours.
Let’s share that here – let us inspire each other in this world by sharing what is truly meaningful for us. Let us behave less in the way others are expecting us to and allow more of our true selves to come up to the surface and show themselves.
May we know our truth and be able to respect the truth of others without the need to change them. We all have our own journeys on this beautiful Earth we are walking upon every day!
May we take time to watch the snowflakes melt at the touch of our skins heated up by the fire we carry inside.
May we rest in knowing that every thing is as it should be to serve the whole.
May we feel that we are essential parts of a bigger picture that is unfolding way beyond our control.
May we enjoy surrendering to each moment as we are doing our best, noticing that our best may change from time to time.
May we smile or cry with full awareness receiving the gifts our emotions have for us, to fully experience the taste of our tears when we are seen by those we trust to hold us kindly in the process of growing up.
Enjoying the sun AND the storm, consciously feeling what we feel until we outgrow certain levels of desire in this human existence. Remembering that every thing will pass, every thing is here now and gone by the next flap of that imaginary butterfly’s wings that just appeared in your mind. BeYOUtiFULL!
This is me feeling whole, chanting my mantras and joyfully carrying my instruments everywhere, sometimes feeling broken and sometimes in pain, yet continuously changing and growing my love for life and every little thing I discover along the way with the support of every body in it.
So, where do we grow from here?
This is a magical mystery I am soooo excited to find from the inside out! Have a merry every day, remember to celebrate some thing each day and to give thanks for every thing! May the days’ growing light guide your way to our next meeting here – in our hearts.
Be here WOW, my friend.
article by kati
edited by benji