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Published on 30.05.2023


In the Mumush World, the aim is to provide space for self-expression and mutual expression, to create the stage for the free flow of creative energies.
One of the most expressive forms of energy is Sound, and music is an effective way of channeling this energy, creating an experience which is one of the most powerful communal experiences since time began.
The sounds that fill almost every corner and every moment of the festival play a very important role in defining its atmosphere.
With all this in mind, we try to create musical worlds at the festival that can provide space for the body, soul and spirit to unfold. It is this concept that guides our selection of performers at Mumush World.
The festival's two stages, Gargantua and Arboretum, create a symbiotic space for communal musical experiences. In addition to the musical line-up, the design and environment of the two audio-visual spaces will seek to facilitate this experience in every detail.
Arboretum is a botanical garden of psychedelia, where the diversity of the Psy musical species and the meadow's Dance Temple offer the opportunity for encounters with oneself and one's own mumush, uplifting journeys and transformative communal dance.
This psychedelic playground will present 28 live sets/DJ sets over the four days.
During the day, renowned producers will touch ambient vibes in Psy-Chill, Chilltronic, Dub, Chillgressive, then in the evening, emerging DJs will reshape the meadow with the pulses and melodies of Progressive, Full-On and Tribal, before giving way to true pioneers of the international scene and the latest up-and-coming acts to spice up the atmosphere.
At night, the faster vibes of Psy-Trance conquer the Temple: thundering Night-Psy and Dark-Psy; and finally, Goa Trance will bring the cleansing sunrise.
One of the Arboretum's aims is to bring you a piece of the headlining disc jockeys that have been killing it on the international scene, alongside the ambassadors of the Romanian and Hungarian Psy scene.
The Arboretum's performers come from 6 countries this year – Romania, Hungary, Croatia, England, Russia and Germany.
Gargantua, like the appetite of its namesake, the giant, will accommodate all kinds of musical alternatives.
From eclectic, large-scale bands to bohemian one-man bands, a wide range of acoustic and electronic music is presented in unabashed quantity and quality. The 13 bands and 22 producers/DJs alternate on stage in a carefully constructed sequence and quality.
In the afternoon, organic downtempo, funky-groovy beats fill Gargantua’s cauldron, while in the evening, live music takes the stage.
This year you will get your dose of Disco, Indie, World Music and Gypsy Music. Electro-Acoustic, contemporary party bands make up the bulk of the performers, bringing that liberating vibe during the main hours of the evening.
At night, the space will be taken over by DJs hustling every shade of electronic dance music.
This year Gargantua will feature performers from 8 countries: Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Belgium, Germany, Austria and France.
We are particularly pleased to have many musicians and DJs in the Mumush Crew, so that in addition to the 10 DJs and 12 sets on our stages, this year the SOUNDS OF MUMUSH band will start the Gargantua stage line-up at the opening ceremony.
From 8am to 2pm both stages are silent, respecting the Mumush World residents who want to relax and recharge.
Gargantua, as well as Arboretum, have a unique energy and influence that we cannot put into words – instead, we'll let the music do the talking. Those who have ears, will hear, and those who listen – will never forget.