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Published on 23.05.2023


We've been longing for some time now for a place where we can tell you our stories.
Stories that show the human aspect of an organization that builds up a festival, the ideas behind what we do, the reasons why we do it, our dreams for the future and our actions in the present.
In a world where most of us have a limited attention span and little time to truly live in the moment, where we barely comprehend the content of a photo before it becomes just another fragment of memory – this space serves as a moment in time where slowing down is a possibility to embrace.
This is Mumush Zine – a place for expression.
We’ll showcase events that keep us connected through the year and make up a big part of the life of our community, where we try to heal our body and soul, share ideas and knowledge and dance till the sun rises and sets again.
We’ll talk about what steps we can all take each day to help ourselves, one another, the environment and future generations.
We’ll share our successes and our failures and the lessons we learned on the way.
Here, you will also get to know more intimate and personal aspects of the Mumush World.
Come in, traveler. Look around. Meet our writers, artists, musicians, cooks, builders, electricians – in short: meet the Mumush Crew. This is our life.