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Preparations have begun for Mumush 4.0, and we are looking for volunteers!

We are looking for people to add value to our festival and community. We invite you to be a part of a community that likes to learn new skills and evolve by teaching and helping each other to create the festival of our shared dream. This project is a collaborative effort of volunteers who contribute their time throughout the year. For the many projects that we would like to complete, we need your help. You can join the team of your liking, such as Construction, Electric & Light Design, Decoration, Hospitality, Activities, etc. - and try your hand at many exciting and valuable crafts while adding your unique touch to Mumush 4.0!

Mumush welcomes volunteers before, during, and after the festival. You can choose to participate on multiple occasions, but please make sure you only sign up for the dates when you will be available to travel to Mumush and stay for the whole week of the building camp, festival, or disassembly camp.

You don’t need experience in craftsmanship to join the construction team or be an artist to join the deco crew. You are welcome to try something entirely new, and if you choose to volunteer in something you are already good at, your insight will be welcome!

While volunteering, you will camp with the crew at the Mumush Headquarters and have access to our facilities, in addition to being provided with 3 vegetarian/vegan meals a day, on the days you are working. As a volunteer, you will sign a contract with the Mumush Association in which the terms of the collaboration will be stated: in exchange for your help in the amount of the agreed hours, you will get a ticket for the festival!

*Important - once approved as a volunteer, you will need to purchase the festival ticket. The exact amount you paid will be returned to you after completing the tasks, according to the contract.

Please find any other relevant information about the volunteering process in the form below! Mumush is looking forward to meeting you all. All applications will be considered and replied to within 2 weeks. Deadline for all applications is 5th of June, 2024. If you want to volunteer, be sure to apply as soon as possible! We will generally give priority to those who applied first.

Depending on when you choose to volunteer, these are the hours that will get you a festival ticket:

  • 40 hours in total - 8 hours a day for 5 consecutive days in the building camps
  • 32 hours in total - 8 hours a day during 5 days of the festival.
  • 32 hours in total - 8 hours a day during 4 days of the disassembly camp



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